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Hello and welcome!

My name is Georgi Beloev. I live in Shanghai, China, where I enjoy the company of many good friends — and a balanced lifestyle that lets me work and live the way I want.

Electronics and software are both my job and my hobby. I like tinkering with little personal projects in my spare time. Living in China makes it easy to manufacture the electronic boards that I design quickly and cheaply. My little projects often involve a lot of work but they are also a lot of fun, and always a great learning opportunity!


I grew up in Bulgaria—a small country in Eastern Europe mainly famous for its yoghurt and roses. After graduating and working there for a while, I moved to the US to find more challenging and rewarding work. I settled near San Francisco and Silicon Valley, which is where many high-tech jobs are located.

Many years and several jobs later, I moved again: this time to China. It was just a work assignment at first, but later I realized that I really enjoy living in Shanghai. Of course, it is difficult to settle in a new country with a completely different culture and language—but I like the challenge! Bring it on!

Countries Visited

Here is a world map showing the countries I have visited and the places where I have lived.

Recent Work History

  • June 2020 – present
  • October 2017 – October 2019
  • January 2013 – October 2017
  • September 2008 – December 2012
    • Founder at CTO at GB Consulting (Walnut Creek, USA)
  • March 2005 – May 2008
    • Sr. DSP Engineer at MIPS Technologies, Inc. (Mountain View, USA)
  • October 2001 – March 2005

Contact Info

There are multiple ways to reach me. Here is how to get in touch: