Run Log 2024

Third year going strong! Together we logged 12600 km in 2022 and almost 14000 km in 2023! Let’s see how far we go in 2024! Also check out our new Run Chords 2024 chart showing which people run together. And there is another chart tracking multiple sport activities: Workouts 2024. Notes:

Ikigai: The Reason For Being

Ikigai is a Japanese concept related to everyone’s reason for being, which in turn determines the happiness in their professional life. The diagram below shows the four main components and their interaction. Ikigai sits in the center of the diagram, and is only achievable by finding a job that satisfies all four components.

Run Log 2023

Another year, another chart! Our Run Log 2022 was a huge success as it motivated all of us to run further than anyone expected. We logged over 12600 km in 2022, let’s see how 2023 compares! See the chart sorted by name. Another chart tracking multiple sport activities: Workouts 2023. Notes:

What’s Your Personality Type?

The Myers-Briggs personality type test is a quick way to assess your personality type. Albeit not super accurate it’s a good starting point for self-evaluation and can be a nice conversation topic. So how does it work? There are only four questions. Answer them and collect four letters that together specify your personality type. You … Read more

Run Radar 2022

Here is a fun chart showing the annual runs for a single runner. We also have a run distance log and even an animated run race chart. Notes:

Run Race 2022

Our running group in Shanghai already has a run log chart, but here is another more dynamic view of our runs. You can also see it in compact mode.

Hard Disk Data Recovery

A friend of mine recently asked me to help recover data from an old hard disk that was barely readable. The file system was badly damaged, the disk could not be recognized by the OS at all. I managed to copy whatever data sectors were readable — but then, how do I recover the files? … Read more