It took a while, but eventually I managed to register my own little company here in Shanghai. Picking a name that isn’t already used was a challenge but I finally settled on Shanghai YongBai Technologies, Ltd. (上海勇白科技有限公司).

Next, of course, was setting up a web site. I wanted a WordPress web site, so I spent some time researching web hosting providers offering WordPress out of the box. In the end I picked Hostinger for their reasonable prices and attractive options—like free SSL certificate for secure https connections.

Setting up the basic web site was very easy—but I wanted something a little fancier. After trying a few WordPress plugins, I discovered ColibriWP, which pretty much overtakes the entire default WordPress editor and replaces it with its own. I like the look and the functionality, although editing is a bit slower. Also, for now I am only using the free version which actually gives you a lot to play with.

Another question was the web site load speed, which led me to discover caching plugins as well as content distribution networks (CDNs) that offload traffic from the main web site. I set up a free CloudFlare account that not only improves load speed but also provides protection against network attacks.

So after a week or so experimenting with all above, here is the end result—my new company web site:


Electronic Engineering Services
Hardware and Software Development
Shanghai, China

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