Run Log 2023

Another year, another chart! Our Run Log 2022 was a huge success as it motivated all of us to run further than anyone expected. We logged 12634 km in 2022 — a year with long lockdowns in spring and a couple of weeks in December when everybody was sick. Let’s see how 2023 compares! See … Read more

Run Radar 2022

Here is a fun chart showing the annual runs for a single runner. We also have a run distance log and even an animated run race chart. Notes:

Run Race 2022

Our running group in Shanghai already has a run log chart and even a run pictures gallery, but here is another more dynamic view of our runs. You can also see it in compact mode.

Run Pictures 2022

Here we have a gallery of pictures taken by the members of our small running group in Shanghai. We encourage and motivate each other to run longer and more often, and even keep a running distance chart showing everyone’s progress.

Run Log 2022

In January 2022 a few friends and I formed a small running group in Shanghai. We set a goal to run 500 km each in the year! To keep track of progress I created the running distance chart below using amCharts. I hope it motivates people in our group to run more! We also have … Read more